What you gonna learn in this story:

  • What are AWS and S3 exactly?
  • How to set up AWS CLI 2?
  • How to create a bucket and store objects?
  • How to change access policies?
  • How to hide secrets and share them securely?

What is AWS? What is S3?

Amazon S3 Logo

AWS stands for “Amazon Web Services” and “S3” for “Simple Storage Service”. It is a cloud storage solution provided by Amazon as a part of AWS. AWS along with GCP by Google and Azure by Microsoft, which are the top 3 cloud computing platforms that offer web services on the go.

AWS S3 offers high reliability and scalability to host…

What are you going to learn in this blog?

  • How to install g++ in Windows
  • How to install and setup Sublime Text 3
  • How to create your own build system
  • How to improvise your setup for Competitive Programming

When you compete for in a sport, you do need to have your sports gear with you. Likewise, for competitive programming, we need to set up our IDE to minimize the time taken for routine tasks and enable fast code typing and submission.

In this story, I will show you how to set up Sublime Text 3 for C++ for Windows. Similarly…

This year, before the pandemic, I was working on a personal project using newly learnt Angular framework. Now, the foremost debug tool that everyone is encouraged to use, is the print function, or the console.log(), using which we can inspect the state of variables and observe execution flow of our program or code.

Basically, I was updating an array dynamically.

Now, observe this piece of code given below:

1: A = [1,2]; 
2: console.log(A);
3: A[0] = 5;
4: console.log(A)

What should be the output?

[1, 2]
[5, 2]

Right? But, Google Chrome console outputs :

[5, 2]
[5, 2]
Console Output

Sarthak Rout

An evergreen learner; passionate about technology😄. Currently a Sophomore at IIT Kanpur and Secy at PClub & ECell. https://www.linkedin.com/in/routsarthak/

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